Frequently Asked Questions for Campaign Flow’s Vendor Advertising Finance Service

Why are there three payment options?

  1. Pay On Success means your Vendor has peace of mind that they only pay their marketing expenses when their property is sold. If their property doesn’t sell, they are not required to pay those expenses.
  2. Pay Later is a convenient value-add service as marketing expenses aren’t payable until settlement.​
  3. Pay Now means you can offer your Vendor a safe and fast payment process if they choose to pay their marketing expenses upfront.​Is there a marketing campaign limit

Is there a marketing campaign limit?

Our Pay Later solution offers campaign funding up to $35,000. Our Pay On Success solution offers funding up to $20,000 per campaign.

What does it cost to use Campaign Flow?

Get in touch with us for details on Vendor costs for our payment options.

Campaign Flow Fee Calculator

How is Campaign Flow repaid?

Our fee will be included in the agreement presented to and approved by your Vendor. We are typically repaid on the settlement of the property. ​

Do you charge early repayment fees?

No, there are no early repayment fees.​

Is there any cost to the agency?

Campaign Flow is a value-adding service for you to offer to support your Vendors and help your sales process – free of charge.​

What items can be included in the marketing budget?

A typical marketing budget would include items like those listed below:


  • Signboards

  • Copywriting & Floorplan services​

  • High-end photography & professional video​

  • Custom-designed printed property brochures​

  • Auction Fees​

  • Property staging & styling​

  • Some minor renovations … just ask!​

Can Vendors engage Campaign Flow directly?

No. We work exclusively with real estate agencies. We offer you a value-added service offering so you have a competitive advantage.​

Why is it important that Campaign Flow is a regulated lender?
The protection of your Vendor against improper lending practices and potential credit implications is first and foremost. Secondly, the reputation of your agency is vital. All elements of the real estate industry are highly regulated, but with Vendor advertising finance being a relatively new space, many of the rules haven’t been enforced yet. Responsible lending practices and guidelines do exist though, so it is important to partner with a company that follows them – like Campaign Flow.​

How does the funding and support work?
Campaign Flow will pay your agency as soon as the application has been approved, the Vendor has agreed, and the sale campaign has commenced. We support Vendors through the application process and manage all the admin so you don’t have to.​

What is the process if a Vendor authorises an addition to the campaign budget?

Simply reach out to our support team and we can organise to approve a budget extension.

How It Works

  • You pay us an upfront Service and & Risk Protection fee
  • We advance the loan to your real estate agent to cover the marketing expenses
  • You repay the Pay On Success Loan once the sale of your property settles
  • If your property does not sell after 12 months of marketing and providing you have met your obligations (under both the loan and the marketing of the property), you will not have to repay the loan.

Obligations under the Pay On Success Loan

You must make sure that you do everything possible to market the property and achieve a sale (including keeping the property listed on at least one of either or both of domain.com.au or realestate.com.au).

During the loan term, you must not:

  • mortgage the property to anyone else (unless you tell us first)
  • withdraw the property from sale or make it difficult for the property to be sold; or
  • lease or use the property as short-term rental accommodation (or advertise the property for either of these purposes).

If you breach any of these obligations (or any other obligations that you must comply with under the loan agreement) you will be in default.  If you are in default, your ‘risk protection’ will not apply, and you will have to immediately repay the loan in full.  

Pay On Success is only available if:

  • you have signed an agreement with a real estate agent, giving the real estate agent an exclusive right to market and sell the property;
  • you are not a developer or flipper;
  • the property was not already for sale at the time you apply for Pay On Success;
  • the property is a residential property that is a single dwelling that is not;
    • land, an off the plan purchase, or a display suite or house;
    • a rural property;
    • a holiday house; or
    • property with material issues that are likely to impact on the chance that the property will be sold.

Pay On Success is subject terms and conditions and credit fees and charges and subject to approval under our credit approval processs. Pay On Success provides you with ‘risk protection’ so that if your property does not sell you do not have to repay your loan. However, the ‘risk protection’ will NOT apply, and you will be required to repay Pay On Success in full if you have not complied with all of your obligations in relation to both the loan and the marketing of your property.   

Can a Vendor or Agent make a payment towards the campaign?

Yes. A Vendor or Agent can make an additional payment upfront. This will provide a saving to the Vendor by reducing the service fee and interest component. They can also make additional payments towards the balance throughout the campaign, reducing the interest payable.


What happens if the property does not sell or the Vendor withdraws from the market?

  • Pay On Success: Your Vendor does not pay for their marketing provided they have complied with their commitment. If your Vendor does not comply with their commitment, their marketing expenses will be due. Being a regulated lender, we can offer further finance options if your Vendor requires them.​
  • Pay Later: Marketing fees are still due. However, finance options are available if your Vendor requires them.​