Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently asked questions for Campaign Flow’s Vendor Advertising Finance Service

Is there a marketing campaign limit?

We fund marketing campaigns from $1,000 to $25,000

What does it cost to use Campaign Flow?

Our fee is made up of a 4% service fee of the total campaign plus 1.9% interest charge.

Do you charge application, administration or early repayment fees?

No. In fact, if repaid early your Vendors will be entitled to a pro-rated reimbursement based on the number of days repaid early.

How is Campaign Flow repaid?

Our fee will be included in the marketing budget presented to and approved by your Vendors. Campaign Flow is repaid on settlement or after 120 days.

Is there any Cost to the Agency?

Campaign Flow is a value-added service offering for you to promote to your prospective Vendors – free of charge.

What items can be included in the marketing budget?

A typical marketing budget would include items like:A typical marketing budget would include items like:

• sign boards

• copywriting service

• high end photography and professional video

• floor plan production

• custom designed printed property brochures

• mail drops

• preparation of contract and conveyancing 

• auction fees

• property styling

• building and pest inspections

• and more …. Just Ask!

Can Vendors engage Campaign Flow directly?

No. Campaign Flow works exclusively with Real Estate Agencies. We offer you a value-added service offering and a competitive advantage.

How does the AP & Admin Support Process work?

Campaign Flow will pay all campaign expenses on your behalf. Agents will load invoices via our systems for same day payment. You will be able to access live information and individualised reporting for each campaign. This information can easily be shared with Vendors to gain further confidence and transparency.

What happens if the property does not sell or the Vendor withdraws from the market?

If the property does not sell or is withdrawn from the market, Campaign Flow would require the advance to be repaid by the agency. The agency would also maintain its right to recover from the Vendor. Given our specialised offering and property experience Campaign Flow will work with you.

Can a Vendor or Agent make a payment towards the Campaign?

Yes. If a Vendor or Agent wishes to make a payment upfront, they can do this. This will provide a saving to the Vendor by reducing the service fee and interest component.

What is the process if a Vendor authorises an addition to the campaign budget?

Simply forward an updated budget approved by both the Agent and Vendor, authorising the changes and additions for same day approval.



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