Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently asked questions for Campaign Flow’s Vendor Advertising Finance Service

Is there a marketing campaign limit?

Campaign values upwards of $40,000 will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

What does it cost to use CampaignFlow?

Reach out to CampaignFlow for details on finance costs.

Do you charge application, administration or early repayment fees?

There are no administration fees or early repayment fees.

How is CampaignFlow repaid?

Our fee will be included in the finance agreement presented to and approved by your vendors. CampaignFlow is repaid on settlement of the property or withdrawal of sale. It is important to note that flexible payment options are still available if the property is withdrawn. 

Is there any cost to the agency?

CampaignFlow is a value-added service offering for you to promote to your prospective vendors – free of charge.

What items can be included in the marketing budget?

A typical marketing budget would include items like:

• sign boards

• copy writing service

• high end photography and professional video

• floor plan production

• custom designed printed property brochures

• mail drops

• preparation of contract and conveyancing 

• auction fees

• property staging & styling

• building and pest inspections

• lawn and garden maintenance

• painting and carpet

• minor renovations

• and more …. Just Ask!

Can vendors engage CampaignFlow directly?

No. CampaignFlow works exclusively with real estate agencies. We offer you a value-added service offering and a competitive advantage.

Why is it important that CampaignFlow is a regulated lender?

The protection of the vendor against improper lending practices and potential credit implications is first and foremost. Secondly, the reputation of the agency. All elements of real estate the industry that are highly regulated, with VAF (vendor advertising finance) being a relatively new space many of the rules haven’t yet been enforced. Responsible lending practices and guidelines do exist though, so it is important to partner with a company that follows them. 

How does the funding and support work?

CampaignFlow will pay the agency as soon as the campaign has been approved and vendors have agreed. We will support the vendors through the application process.

What happens if the property does not sell or the vendor withdraws from the market?

Being a regulated lender we can offer further finance options.

Can a vendor or agent make a payment towards the campaign?

Yes. If a vendor or agent wishes to make a payment upfront, they can do this. This will provide a saving to the vendor by reducing the service fee and interest component.

What is the process if a vendor authorises an addition to the campaign budget?

You would reach out to our support team and we would organise to approve a budget extension.



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