Don’t let marketing costs slow down your sales pitch.

Created by agents for agents.
Campaign Flow allows you to focus on selling properties.

Don’t let marketing costs slow down your sales pitch.

Created by agents for agents.
Campaign Flow allows you to focus on selling properties.

Created by agents for agents.

Campaign Flow allows you to focus on selling properties.

Does this sound familiar?

You have the best plan to market your vendor’s property and get the best result. They love the idea.

Until you ask them to pay. Now it’s awkward.

As you know, marketing plays a big part in making properties attractive for buyers. The right campaign helps achieve a faster sale at a higher price.

However, with the large upfront costs, your Vendors can often find the idea a little confronting. This then delays your sales process, which means you have to chase them, and everything becomes so much harder.

Campaign Flow - New Agents

There’s a better way.

Through Campaign Flow ’s vendor paid advertising payment options, you can now offer vendors a way to Pay Later or Pay On Success.

Providing unmatched convenience and choice, we allow your Vendors to select the best option that suits them and finances the perfect marketing campaigns, so you can get on with what you do best – selling and making clients happy!

How do we know? We’re agents too! Our team is here to help you help them.

We’ve partnered with ListSure

With ListSure, you can completely remove the Vendor’s risk
with our new Pay On Success Option.

Campaign Flow and ListSure

So many benefits

No agency fees

There’s no cost to you or your agency to use our services.

Get funds fast

Funds are disbursed to you as quickly as 24hrs.

We do the chasing

Our team do the admin, so you don’t have to.

No lock-in contracts

We’re committed to ongoing service offering you flexibility.

Trusted lender

We are a fully credited and regulated lender working under an Australian Credit License.


Your branding

We customise our payment platform with your branding so your Vendors feel comfortable.

Risk free

No liability for you around collections or bad debts – we manage it all.

Full support

We give you supporting collateral and are always here to help.

Want to give your Vendors (and you) a better way to pay?

Take away the stress of property marketing payments.

Campaign Flow and ListSure give your Vendors more financial choice to invest in the perfect marketing campaign.

How it works


You discuss your sales process with the Vendor, including marketing costs.


You create your agency branded payment link, offering your Vendors flexible payment options.


They select whichever suits them and you receive the funds within 24 hours so you can start – no matter what selection they choose.


We take care of all of the finances, admin burden and management so you can focus on the sale.

Campaign Flow Fee Calculator

Marketing shouldn’t delay your sales process.

As agents, we know that a solid marketing campaign is crucial to the success of selling a property.

The right styling and advertising can attract more interested buyers, increase competition and improve the final sale price.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of Vendors who only view property marketing as a large upfront cost rather than an investment that will get them (and you) and better outcome.

Campaign Flow - man at desk
Campaign Flow - lady at desk

With Campaign Flow and ListSure, you can eliminate this concern from the start

We empower you with the ability to offer your vendors peace of mind, by providing them with the financial freedom to invest in property marketing however they want.

No matter what option they choose, you get the funds in 24 hours and you can start marketing their home for sale.

Our payment options help you start the sales process sooner as we fund the advertising and marketing budget on your Vendor’s behalf. You don’t bear any cost or worry, so you can focus on selling!

Focus on selling. We focus on the finances.

You’re the experts at selling properties. We’re experts in finance and managing payments. Our goal is to take away all of the marketing costs, invoices and debts, which is what we do best, so you have the space to do what you do best.

Campaign Flow - two men and a lady - You focus on selling, we focus on the finances
Campaign Flow - support desk

We’ve got your back

Our team is right by your side to support you in any way we can. That’s why we offer superior, ongoing customer service so you have everything you need to market and sell properties.

Your Vendor’s payment options

When you offer your Vendor Campaign Flow, they can choose not only when and how they pay, but if they pay.
No matter what option they choose, you can your marketing finances in 24 hours and you can start the campaign immediately, to get the sale.

Our difference makes all the difference

Campaign Flow Comparison Chart

Listing Marketing Costs are now sorted in 24 hours

Finance the marketing that each property deserves within 24 hours.

This can include upfront costs for:



Home styling

Minor repairs

Home improvements



And more

Have questions? We have answers

Ready for a competitive edge your vendors will appreciate?

Get started today and offer your Vendor innovative payment options that will speed up your sales process and remove the admin.

Sign up takes just less than a minute.

Convert your commissions into cash within 4 hours.


Friendly, flexible fuss free finance.