What is VAF (vendor advertising finance)? How does it work? How does CampaignFlow fit in?

Watch our 60 second video to see how CampaignFlow can help your Real Estate Agency when it comes to VAF and maximise your marketing campaign.

You shouldn’t be thinking about advertising as a cost and removing that up-font hurdle helps you recognise the benefit of your marketing investment to maximise your eventual sale result!

Campaign Flow can fund your vendor advertising costs so you aren’t out of pocket and you get the best experience possible.

A few of the benefits include:

  • Use it for ALL sale related expenses, even minor repairs
  • Same day approval
  • No deposit or up front payment
  • Nothing to pay until settlement
  • Free service for agencies

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Nathan Simpson

Nathan Simpson

National Sales Manager

Nathan Simpson is a seasoned sales and marketing professional, and the National Sales Manager of Campaign Flow, a service that allows real estate agents to offer first-class marketing without the hurdles of upfront marketing costs – think Vendor advertising finance made easy.

With an aim to grow and expand the accessibility to easy VAF (Vendor Advertising Finance) in the real estate space, and extensive experience in the real estate industry, Nathan is part of a team dedicated to changing the way agencies do business, by removing their cash flow issues.

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