Have you heard the news? Campaign Flow and ListSure have now joined forces to offer agents and vendors the complete marketing payment solution. Our partnership with ListSure means we now offer three payment options to help our agency partners provide the ultimate convenience to their Vendors in one simple digital solution.

When an Agent can satisfy a Vendors’ needs, they will win the listing, market the property well and secure an exceptional sale. That’s the united goal of this partnership, and we are all excited to offer a whole new level of support to Australia real estate agents.

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CampaignFlow & ListSure will revolutionise property marketing payments to benefit both agents and their vendors


Renowned Pay On Success innovator ListSure and Pay Later rising star Campaign Flow are coming together to form a powerful partnership that will change the way real estate agencies fund vendor marketing for the better.

By using the intuitive Campaign Flow platform, Agencies will not only be able to offer to defer their Vendors’ advertising costs until settlement but can also offer their Vendors complete peace of mind that they will only pay upon the successful sale of their property.

Agents will be able to offer their Vendors the choice to Pay On Success, Pay Later or Pay Now.

This gives Vendors the convenience of choosing the option that suits them, while the Agent receives the funds within 24 hours without having to get involved with admin or chasing payments.

“ListSure recognised that a key friction point when trying to secure a listing was the cost of marketing. Whilst traditional pay later solutions solved part of this problem, they did not overcome vendor concerns that they would incur considerable advertising costs even if their property did not sell.

ListSure solved this gap by melding together two traditional products, finance and insurance, into one innovative offering that removes this stress as it delivers payment on settlement and peace of mind,” says Brad Melman, Co-Founder and Managing Director of ListSure


“As Agents ourselves, Campaign Flow understands how important property marketing campaigns are to get the best sale result. But we also recognise there can be financial barriers experienced by both Agents and Vendors too which can slow the process.

Historically, either the Agent or the Vendor would cover the marketing debt during the sale process. However, this turns the cost into a burden rather than an investment and could end up with an ineffective marketing strategy in trying to keep costs to a minimum.

We realised that, by offering innovative payment options, we could provide a smarter way that benefits Agents and Vendors so they can focus on achieving the best result, and less on paying for marketing,” says Justin Steer, CEO of Campaign Flow


The ListSure and Campaign Flow partnership merges the visions of these two industry pioneers, empowering real estate agencies to be able to meet all of their Vendors’ advertising funding expectations in one simple, streamlined, on-the-go digital solution.

When an Agent can satisfy a Vendors’ needs, they will win the listing, market and present the property well and secure an exceptional sale.

That’s the united goal of this partnership, and both organisations are excited to offer a whole new level of support to Australia real estate agents.

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Brad Melman Justin Steer
Co-Founder and Managing Director CEO
Email: bradley.melman@listsure.com.au Email: justin@campaignflow.com.au
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Nathan Simpson

Nathan Simpson

National Sales Manager

Nathan Simpson is a seasoned sales and marketing professional, and the National Sales Manager of Campaign Flow, a service that allows real estate agents to offer first-class marketing without the hurdles of upfront marketing costs – think Vendor advertising finance made easy.

With an aim to grow and expand the accessibility to easy VAF (Vendor Advertising Finance) in the real estate space, and extensive experience in the real estate industry, Nathan is part of a team dedicated to changing the way agencies do business, by removing their cash flow issues.

To connect with Nathan, click the LinkedIn icon below.